Portland Police Bureau Racing to the Bottom

Race to the Bottom WebWe have been bargaining over the wages for the Police Administrative Support classification series, which includes Police Records Specialists, Police Records Training Coordinators, Police Desk Clerks, Police Administrative Support Specialists and the leads and trainees associated with these classes. Over the past several months, the City was willing to meet with us a total of three times: once to receive our proposal, once to tell us they were not ready to discuss anything, and a third time to give us their counter proposal. The City’s counter offer was to raise the entry level salaries of the Police Record Specialist Trainee and Police Desk Clerk to $15 per hour, but did nothing to address the pay issues of other classifications.

During the course of negotiations, we began looking at other police and sheriff departments to see what they are paying their non-sworn personnel. We found most agencies don’t have a directly similar “desk clerk” or “administrative support specialist.” However, many did have a similar records position. Unfortunately, we have been unable to find any that pay a lower entry salary than the City of Portland. We believe this indicates that all classifications within the Police Administrative Support Series are drastically under paid.

Now we need your help. On November 10th, we will be having an on-line contest to see if anyone can find an agency that has a lower entry salary for Police Records Specialists than the City of Portland. To participate:

1. Go to www.facebook.com/OregonAFSCME and comment on the “Race to the Bottom” post with your guess of an agency in Oregon that has a lower entry salary for Police Records Specialists.
2. Send a Twitter message to @Oregon_AFSCME with your entry.
3. IF you don’t have access to either of those, send your entry via e-mail to rwheaton@oregaonafsmce.com

Remember, some agencies are too small to have a specific position dedicated to records, so be sure to factor that in to your entries. We’ll be tagging the Mayor and City Council so if you wish to remain anonymous, please submit via e-mail and indicate your desire to remain incognito with the e-mail.