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July and August General Membership Meetings Cancelled

Summer is generally a busy time for everyone and attending meetings can be difficult so with this in mind the 189 e-board has decided to cancel the July and August General Membership Meetings. The City wants to start bargaining for the new contract this year and early strategies may be discussed at the June meeting. […]

Why Americans miss unions

A new report from the Labor Center at the University of California, Berkeley, found that a third of production workers — non-managers working on factory floors and in related occupations — earn so little that their families receive some form of public assistance such as food stamps or the Earned Income Tax Credit. Many of […]

Vote YES on Measure 26-173

Measure 26-173 authorizes a temporary, ten cent gas tax for the purposes of funding road maintenance.  This is needed because the money that the state and federal governments give to the city for streets hasn’t kept up with our need, leading to a back log of maintenance on our City streets. The federal gas tax […]